We make minimalist, California-inspired jewelry designed for everyday wear. Each piece is ethically made in limited quantities in San Diego and Kenya, with new designs released each month. Our hope is that the pieces we sell in our shop will be cherished items in your wardrobe that you reach for over and over again because they just work with what you have in your closet. 



We care most deeply about the woman who is ultimately going to wear the pieces we create. We want to come alongside that woman (that means YOU) on her journey toward self-acceptance and self-worth that is not dependent on her physical body. We want that woman to know that she is worthy of a beautiful piece of jewelry, no matter her size. And we want that woman to remember her worth and value every time she puts on a piece of NB jewelry, knowing that she doesn’t need to change her body in order to be loved and accepted. 



We source our materials from local independent shops, our wholesale partners and our artisan team in Kenya. Many of the beads I use are from bead sellers who curate their supply from all over the world, though I gravitate toward natural material beads made by artisans in Africa. 



We use recycled and reclaimed materials whenever possible, including the brass, horn and wood used in jewelry. Our kraft padded mailers are made from recycled fibers and also able to be recycled again after use.



Our pieces are ethically made in San Diego and in Kenya (and sometimes other places around the US when we partner with other brands). When our business started, everything we sold had been made on Natalie's living room floor or (eventually) in the studio space. In 2020, we began exploring new sustainable material options and working with artisans in Africa who could craft our designs by hand using recycled brass and gold plating. We continue to work with them to this day and any piece you purchase from us that is made with recycled brass is made with love from our Kenyan artisans. The artisans we work with are always paid fair wages.



Curious to see how some of our pieces are made? Click on any item below for behind the scenes photos of our artisans in action...

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