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Minimalist, California-inspired jewelry designed for everyday wear. Each piece is handmade in limited quantities in San Diego with new designs released each month. When you buy something from my shop, you can rest assured that you are one of a small group of people who owns it! Learn more about our team here, and find me on Instagram at @natalieborton

Casual-chic is definitely the name of the game, and that's the style I have in mind when I'm designing pieces for you. I am often most inspired to add something to our collection when getting dressed and thinking about what kind of jewelry I'd like to be wearing myself. I am especially drawn to simple yet conversational jewelry that completes your everyday looks and gives you confidence to get out there and do something great with your day. My hope is that the pieces we sell in our shop will be cherished items in your wardrobe that you reach for over and over again because they just work with what you have in your closet. 

I care most deeply about the woman who is ultimately going to wear the pieces I create. I want to come alongside that woman (that means YOU) on her journey toward self-acceptance and self-worth that is not dependent on her physical body. I want that woman to know that she is worthy of the luxury of a piece of jewelry, no matter her size. And I want that woman to remember her worth and value every time she puts on a piece of NB jewelry, knowing that she doesn’t need to change her body in order to be loved and accepted.

I source our materials from local independent shops and various online wholesalers. Many of the beads I use are from bead sellers who curate their supply from all over the world, though I gravitate toward natural material beads made by artisans in Africa. 

Most of my pieces are handmade from our San Diego studio by me and my jewelry assistant. In 2020 we are exploring new sustainable material options and working with artisans in Africa who can craft our designs by hand using recycled brass. I also sometimes collaborate with other jewelry designers to create other handmade pieces we don't have the tools to create at this point.