Welcome! I’m so glad you found my shop and are here to see what we’re all about. You’ll notice right away that I often don’t have much (or anything) in stock. That’s because I release limited edition products once a week, and those products tend to sell quickly!

New products are released on Thursdays at 9am PST. You can see what’s coming soon on the coming soon page here. Once I have a planned release date for a product, I update the product page with the release date so that you can know when it’ll be available. I recommend setting an alarm so you don’t miss out when it hits the shop!

I give priority to my email subscribers—if you’re on the email list, you’ll get a password to use to access the site 10 minutes before everyone else (at 8:50am PST), giving you a head start on getting the item you want. You can join the email list here.

Learn more about me and my shop on my about page here.